Drywall Taper in Toronto

Company History | Drywall Taper in Toronto

In 2004, when Philip Latour relocated from his hometown Toronto, Ontario and started Latour Drywall in Victoria, British Columbia, he found himself working in the Union as a Journeyman Drywall Taper. There was a vast amount of condominiums being built throughout British Columbia, and Alberta, solely due to the upcoming of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

He quickly realized the need for tradesman in Canada such as; Drywall Boarders, Tapers, and Painters. He was up to the challenge to teach new apprentices what he knew about Drywall Taping and finishing. He then later on built his reputation and managed various drywall projects across Canada! Now spends most of his time in Toronto, Drywall Taping and finishing. He will do it all to make sure a customer get the highest quality drywall taping and finishing in Toronto. Nothing less.

By offering the highest quality workmanship, Latour Drywall quickly developed a reputation for delivering a quality job in a timely fashion throughout Canada. In fact, many of those early customers are still in communication, using and referring Latour Drywall services.

Originally we concentrated on custom homes, condominiums, and remodels, the company eventually progressed to tract more new construction projects, such as; homes, multi-residential developments, hotels, and commercial office spaces.

We have grown over the years, the attention to detail and quality is at the heart of Latour drywall. Philip has carefully chosen teams with extensive drywall experience of the best drywall boarders, drywall tapers, and painters to provide our customers with a superior product. Our customer service is second to none, assuring a quality job from start to finish, and beyond.

Philip Latour is currently residing in Toronto, and is actively a drywall taper in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Latour Drywall Mission Statement

“We will endlessly strive for perfection in the quality of workmanship and safety on every project.  We will always strive to improve the quality of service provided to build a relationship with our clients and further exceed our customers’ expectations.  We will always uphold our founding principles of integrity, excellence and trust, continuing to raise the standards of our company to a higher level.”